A smartwatch that reads glucose levels? Fitbit Ionic could help diabetics



Fitbit came out roaring with its first proper smartwatch, the Ionic, and now the wearable company is going even further with a new health-focused partnership.

Fitbit has announced it’s teamed up with Dexcom, a leader in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), to offer solutions for people with diabetes.

Their first order of business? Letting diabetics monitor their activity and glucose levels with help from the Fitbit Ionic.

The smartwatch itself won’t take the readings, but rather those will be measured by the Dexcom G5 Mobile sensor and displayed on the Ionic. The sensor…………..


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Fitbit is teaming up with Dexcom for glucose monitoring on the Ionic Smartwatch
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Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch will help diabetics track glucose levels
Fitbit is bringing Dexcom's glucose monitoring device data to Ionic's screen.


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