Samsung SeeColors app helps vision deficient people see the full color spectrum


Samsung is making it easier for people with colorblindness – scientifically known as color vision deficiency (CVD) – to see colors while watching QLED TVs like the Samsung Q9F.

Today the Korean tech giant announced the wide launch of the SeeColors app, which does exactly what it says it does by letting users test their personal visual spectrum and automatically adjust their QLED displays for a more accurate and vibrant viewing experience.

Samsung claims that the majority of the 300 million people worldwide affected by CVD are unaware of their condition. Apparently the app works so well that you might discover you suffer from CVD even if you weren’t aware of it before.

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Samsung made an app that adjusts its TVs for color blindness
It identifies the perfect display settings based on your vision.


Samsung’s new SeeColor app adjusts hues to assist color-blind viewers
Samsung debuted a new app called SeeColors to help folks with color blindness, compatible with all Samsung QLED televisions.


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