Razer has just released a smartphone for Gamers



“You use this for a week and then go to any other phone, you’re going to be upset,” says Tom Moss, Razer’s head of mobile.

He’s talking about the Razer Phone. (From Razer, the company you might know from mice, headsets or laptops.)

It’s real. It’s sitting in my hand. It’s unlike any phone I’ve held all year.

Because where most new flagship phones are shiny rounded rectangles with curved screens, Razer’s first phone is unabashedly a black brick. It flaunts sharp 90-degree corners instead of curved edges.

You can even stand the phone on end. The 5.7-inch, 2,560×1,440-resolution screen is flat as a pancake, and you’ll find giant bezels above and below that screen, too — just when we thought bezels were going out of style.

The Razer Phone is not exactly…………….


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