Atari teases a mysterious new console ahead of E3

Atari is teasing a new product called the Ataribox, but at the moment, the company is being very vague & we have no idea what it is.

A website for the Ataribox first emerged on Friday, containing a short teaser video that highlights the device as, “a brand new Atari product years in the making.” It shows a device styled like the company’s retro consoles, e.g. fake woodgrain and slatted black plastic. But no more.

The Ataribox site is so bare that it almost looks fake & official Atari channels don’t link to it at all. However a representative for Atari confirmed to The Verge that the Ataribox is real.

An announcement isn’t planned yet & it looks like the product won’t be unveiled at E3, despite the timing of the teaser.

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'Atari' console teased ahead of E3
We don't know anything yet beyond a bare-bones teaser video.

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